Final Availability is to be determined by a Staff Member. Even though a date appears to be “Available”, we may be full. Please book your reservation as early as possible. Please take the time to read over these FAQ before reserving online. You may find them helpful!


Q. I want to request a site number or a site next to a friend or family member who has already reserved? How do I indicate that on my online request?

A. Before submitting your reservation, you will have a chance to put in a special request or comment. The “Special Comments/Questions” box which will appear before you enter your credit card information. You can enter a request such as: “We would like to get a site next to John Smith” or “We would like to request site #10 so we can be near the pool” or any other special instructions. A Staff Member will read any comments you put in this box and place you accordingly. You may also leave it blank if you have no requests. Please Note: Site number requests are based on availability and are never guaranteed. We try our best, but cannot always grant site number requests.

Q. Why can’t I select a site number while reserving? How do I find out what site number I will get?

A. Whether you reserve your site online or over the phone, Silver Lake Jellystone Park does not give out site numbers until you check in. If you are worried about receiving a site in an area you would not find desirable, please put a request in the “Additional Comments/Questions” box. You can say, “Not by the dumpsters”, etc.

Q. I’m having problems booking my reservation and I’m on an iPad, iPhone or MAC.

A. We have found that Safari is not always compatible with the online booking tool. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome when booking online.

Q. It is asking for a “Vehicle Type” and we are camping in a tent?

A. If you click the drop down box, you will see there is a place to select “Tent”. It will also ask you to put in a “Length (Feet)”, you can type whatever you’d like in the box. It will not affect your reservation.

Q. I am reserving for Memorial or Labor Day Weekend and my $10 Thursday price is not being reflected in the grand total?

A. The $10 Thursday charge is adjusted when your reservation is accepted by one of our Staff Members. You will receive an additional confirmation stating the correct balance.

Q. I need to reserve multiple campsites for my group, can I do it online?

A. Yes, it is possible, but each site you reserve has to be entered individually. In the “Special Comments” box, be sure to let us know who you are with.

Q. How do I know if my online request went through?

A. If your online request goes through you will receive an email confirmation. If your browser stops during the credit card processing, please contact us before trying to book another site, as your card may have been charged.